Production of the Ruger 10/22 easily exceeds over seven million models sold. This little fella has been kicking around since 1964 and continues to be the most dominant rimfire rifle sold on the market. Ruger 10/22s have been used far and wide for plinking, hunting, target practice, and even in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It’s been everywhere, and its popularity drives a massive aftermarket. That aftermarket includes stocks, like the very tactical FAB Defense 10/22 stock.

FAB Defense hails from Israel and makes a wide variety of tactical accessories. Some are awesome…others not so much, so where does the FAB Defense Ruger 10/22 stock sit? Well, you’ll have to keep reading to figure it out.

Tooling Up with the FAB Defense 10/22 Stock

Are you not the handiest shooter? Find yourself more comfortable holding a Glock than turning a wrench? That’s okay, and it takes almost zero effort to install your Ruger 10/22 in this stock system. Remove a barrel band, remove a bottom screw and remove the receiver and barrel from the wood stock.

Drop the receiver and barrel into the FAB Defense Ruger 10/22 stock and replace the receiver screw. Use the included Allen wrench to attach the handguard/scope mount to the stock. That’s it, your done. I did it watching an episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier laying in bed, eating popcorn. Does butter make decent lube? If so, I’ll figure it out when we go to the range.

Features and Layout

First and foremost, what makes the FAB Defense 10/22 stock worth your dollarydoos? For some, it could be made from titanium and increase your group by 100%, and they won’t like it. I get it, but if you are getting a little bored of that all wood stock or outgrown it, you have an option.

I’m a big ole boy, and my Ruger 10/22 carbine was a little short for me. I wanted to increase the LOP a little but also saw the potential to tacticalize it a bit. Why not? It’s American, and I wanted a folding stock, a proper Picatinny scope mount, and modern sling mount options.

The FAB Defense Ruger 10/22 stock offered all that, plus rails mounted everywhere, a collapsing M4 style stock, and didn’t force me through a weird installation process. It functions with both standard and bull barrels, but you lose the top cover with a bull barrel.

Fold It

Our folding stock does fold to the left and allows for users to fire with the stock closed. Why you would want that is beyond me, but this is America. If you are running a takedown model, this stock isn’t compatible.

Construction is made up of durable fiberglass-reinforced polymer. It’s relatively lightweight and balances well for a small gun. QD sling slots populate both sides of the gun, and it’s lefty friendly. You can reverse the collapsing stock to accommodate left-hand shooters who want the stock to fold to the right.

The FAB Defense AR stock can also be replaced with any other M4 style stock. Toss on a Magpul, a Mission First Tactical, or whatever else you desire on the platform. The pistol grip allows for storage but can’t be swapped for other AR-type pistol grips, sadly.

Accessorizing With the FAB Defense 10/22 stock

You’ve got rails positioned at the 12, 6, 3, and 9 o’clock positions. You can add whatever your heart desires—lights, lasers, cup holders, and of course, optics of all types. I’ve chosen a Bushnell 1-4X that’s cheap and effective for a 22LR rifle.

However, it will accommodate much bigger optics. The top rail is somewhat healthy and fits everything from red dots to massive night vision optics. A small slot allows you to still use your iron sights too. Heck, I can toss a Cloud Defensive OWL, a magnified optic, and an offset red dot on this thing and call it a day.

To The Range

Shooting stuff like this makes my job awfully sweet. I loaded down a few BX 25 mags, set up some steel targets, and started plinking away. With ammo prices like they are, it’s nice to shoot something that’s still somewhat cheap. After a quick zero, I started my day of outdoor, lead-fueled therapy.

First, the FAB Defense 10/22 stock completed the task I really needed it to, and it made the LOP long enough for a grown man of my size persuasion to comfortably handle. The five-position stock can make it extremely long, way longer than I need it to be. I’m comfortable at position two.

Our included stock provides an excellent cheek weld that makes using an optic easy and comfortable. It offers excellent support and moves easily between positions. The rear of the stock features a big rubber pad that’s aggressively textured and makes it easy to lock into my shoulder.

Ergos In Action

The forward end and pistol grip are textured nicely and comfortable to grip. The forend is surprisingly comfortable, and FAB Defense scalloped the sides of the stock to provide a natural placement for your fingers.

Shooting-wise, not much has changed. I saw no noticeable change in accuracy, even with the barrel band removed. I shot steel hanging targets from 2 inches to .25 inches at 25 yards. Admittedly not every round hit those .25 inch targets, but dang it, I tried, and most made their way there.

All the stock parts and pieces are very easy to reach and access. Working the charging handle, the magazine release, and the safety are all very simple. Getting mags in and out is not a challenge by any means.

Size Matters

While the FAB Defense 10/22 stock adds some weight and bulk to the gun, it never makes it feel overly bulky. It’s not a big chonk of plastic, and it keeps the slim design of the Ruger well. Who needs a big bulky Ruger 10/22?

One thing worth noting is that this stock makes the gun longer. It might make the gun too long for a kid to shoot it. The folding design means the collapsing stock isn’t as short as a normal AR-style stock. It’s fine for adults, but if your kiddo likes to plink, then this might not be the best option.

Plinking in Style

The FAB Defense 10/22 stock gives you the ability to plink in a very tactical way. I mean, in a major ammo drought like it is, it’s nice to spice up my 22 LR shooting. I can work more practical drills and keep my fundamentals sharp without spending a buck per round for 5.56.

Overall, FAB Defense has made a rock-solid stock for those looking to make their 10/22 a big boy option. Check it out and let us know what you think below.

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