As both competition shooting and Glock handguns increase in popularity it makes sense that new accessories are being developed to help pistols like the practical tactical Glock 34 compete with other handguns in the action shooting sports.

Elite Tactical Systems has paid attention to the trends in competition and as a result has developed a new competition legal, 9mm, 27 round, 170mm magazine from its translucent polymer.

ETS has a solid reputation designing and building a wide range Glock handgun magazines and mags for AR-15 rifles and it would make sense that this new mag will follow in the footsteps of previous magazines in that it is expected to be both reliable and durable.

The ETS magazine fits perfectly in gun games like United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) Open Division and serves as a nice compliment to the ETS 22 round, 140mm, USPSA Limited Division legal mag.

The ETS mags, which are compatible with all 9mm Glocks generation 1-4, feature polymer that won’t stretch, crack or break when dropped—even in extreme heat or cold. The feed lips will hold their dimensions even when stored loaded for long periods of time. The easy to remove base pads make cleaning the mags easy as well and like other Elite Tactical Systems magazines, the polymer is resistant to harsh chemicals.

The nearly clear body of the ETS mags looks interesting and at the same time has some unique benefits.  The clear body makes it easy to see exactly how many rounds are in the magazine, what specific ammunition is loaded in the mag, and the overall cleanliness of your magazine.

If you are looking for higher capacity in your Glock 17, 19, 26, or 34, or if you need a “big stick” to be more competitive in gun games, ETS now has a legal, reliable, and cost-effective solution for you.

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